Monday, July 6, 2015

feliz cumpleanos, mi hermana!!

Frida the Obstinate
(for ginamarie)

Lady steps over clover one day, from her home, granted her prayer— Ave Matuta!—to turn into Frida from cold Mary of Ephesus: and to dignify it, saying,

"Release me, God, from all yr gabfest, & if not, sensing the threat of dust that turns wet, then word the real sex of me straight to Olympia, with my one bare breast, cypress rouge, gaunt chin

No more the swelling angel seed for me!

No more that hovel instead of alabaster, the virgin's coarse sage  while I see there real marshy heat rise up round her ankles, by the harbour walls— a temple in place of huts!

Leave me my bare head, half-chignon that's been clawed back hatefully by you, hoping to kill this need to compete in games

It's better than not letting the sun fill shadowy gaps, between lips & nose, and as I'm still young, between my two real thighs!"

Arresting spite of a father's now sounds in her ear, tight sutured ear: God to Frida now,

"¿Dónde está mi duende?

Mother of Lesbos!

Now I find you facing temples, wide- browed, obstinate, trading good stone for my salty bogs

My skin-and-bones girl with plum-coloured nip, lest we part at Venus, eyes locking, take the path of a femur road to love's shining vacuity; & bleed for it, with one sorrowing eye, and arrive there the blue-ringed whore, after some trial, as if you got tired of my Hebron skies

Faithless, so-so girl, staring staring at her lips, hold your side awhile, gnashed by yr own finny hand Lumpy, self-evolving, purpling girl: hold both bloody sides & keep yr hand away from me!

Goat-like chins always crush into salt"

New Ephesian groves scarf her anew but as a madonna's falling chiton manages only a little dampness, it does
stop some bleeding

A sea-urchin grows at her neck, with a half-formed nimbus shell to tell the old Mary  from Frida

conrad didiodato